Welcome to Cologne!

An ancient and progressive city, where the cathedral spires tower over Germany's oldest city and its innumerable cultural and historical treasures, world-famous museums and active art scene. In the year 50 A.D. the wife of the Emperor Claudius was born on the banks of the Rhine and elevated her "Colonia" to the status of a city. Today, traces of the Romans are still to be found at every turn in Cologne.

Rich with history and culture, Cologne is well known for its social tolerance and commitment to technological advancement. Cologne is a leading center for the training of young scientists and the city's higher education sector provides specialist courses ranging across the whole academic spectrum. With over 63,000 students, the University of Cologne is Germany's largest university. 


Please contact KölnTourismus www.cologne-tourism.com for comprehensive information on the various attractions the City of Cologne has to offer.


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Arrive in Cologne

Special Train Ticket Discount

In cooperation with the Cologne Convention Bureau and Deutsche Bahn we are pleased to offer special "DB Congress Round-Trip Train Tickets". This ticket enables its holder to travel by train from any station in Germany to Cologne and back during the Opencast for only €99 --a price considerably lower than a normal long-distance ticket.

The table below shows some sample ticket costs and the savings obtained with this special tickets.

RouteStandard PriceSpecial PriceSave
 Munich - Cologne  €284  €99  €185
 Berlin - Cologne  €234  €99  €135
 Hamburg - Cologne  €194  €99  €95
 Frankfurt - Cologne  €142  €99  €43


By car

For directions please click here

By plane

The following airports are recommended:

Cologne/Bonn Airport (CGN)
Distance by road: 25 km (30 min)
Train travel time to Central Station: ca. 30 min.

Düsseldorf Airport (DUS)
Distance by road: 55 km (50 min)
Train travel time to Central Station: 30 to 90 min depending on trains.

Frankfurt Airport (FRA)
Distance by road: 178 km (1:40 h)
Train travel time to Central Station: 50 min by ICE (Inter City Express). Departures every hour.

Directions from Cologne Central Station

If your train ticket to Cologne does not include the "city travel", you will need city ticket for the last part between the station and the conference venue. The ticket fare is 1b, which costs €2.80 for a single trip. The ticket machines are located on the ground level of the railway station.

By tram:

  1. Take the subway line 16 or 18 and get off in Neumarkt.
  2. Change here to tram line 9 (direction Sülz) and get off at the Weyertal tram stop.
    • Note the lines 16 and 18 run underground, while the line 9 does not. You must go up to the first underground level by turning right after you get off the train, then take the second exit to your left. The signs should easily guide you.

By train:

  1. Alternatively, you may take any regional train stopping in Köln Süd and leave through the exit to Zülpicher Straße to arrive at the Dasselstr./Bahnhof Süd tram stop.
    • The exit to Zülpicher Straße is in the left-most platform on the station (looking in the direction of the train you have just left). If you are on the wrong platform, use the stairs to cross. Then walk in the oppossite direction than the train until the end of the platform and go downstairs.
  2. Now you may turn left and walk straight on for about 5 minutes or take the line 9 accross the street until the Weyertal tram stop.
    • If you walk, make sure to stay on the left when the street branches off.


Walking directions from the Weyertal tram stop

  1. At the Weyertal stop, make sure you are on the right side, where the trams run towards Sülz. Then walk in the same direction as the tram until Robert-Koch-Straße. Then turn right.
  2. Go straight on for about 3 minutes and you will see the signs directing you to the venue.
    • Otherwise, keep going until you see the Robert Koch Mensa (canteen) to your right and take the next pedestrian way on the left-hand side (see map below).