Data privacy

Below is a description of the type and scope of personal data that is accessed, for what purposes and how it is utilized. This information can be called up from the website at any time.

1. Technical implementation

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2. Log

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3. Booking data

When you set up a user account, we store the following data for documentation and billing purposes and to enable your participation in the event: contact data such as your name, address, institution and e-mail address, plus your user name and password.

As an option, you can add other information to your user account, such as telephone number, fax number or title.

4. Forwarding data to third parties

We will not forward any data to third parties, except to converia as required for handling the payments.

5. E-mail security

When you send us an e-mail, your e-mail address will be used only for the purposes of corresponding with you. Please note that security gaps can occur when transmitting data over the Internet. 100 percent protection against access to data by third parties is not possible.

6. Cookies

To expand the functional scope our Internet offering and to make it easy to use, we rely to some extent on so-called cookies, which can be used to store data on your computer when you call up our website. You can deactivate cookies or configure your browser so that cookies are stored only for the duration of the online session. This can restrict the functional scope of our Internet offering however.

7. Encryption

To protect your data from unauthorized access, we use encryption on several of web pages. In this case, data is transmitted between your computer and our server (in both directions) via the Internet with 256-bit SSL encryption (secure socket layer). You can check if the current connection is secure by looking at the URL in the address bar, which always begins with https://.

8. Changes to the data privacy policies

We reserve the right to adapt our data privacy policies in order to conform to current legal requirements or to implement changes to our data privacy declaration. We encourage you to review these data privacy policies regularly to ensure that you remain up-to-date with respect to how we protect your personal data. By continuing to use the service, you agree to accept the changes to the data privacy policies.