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preliminary schedule



Only speakers and titles are listed here, full details are given in the conference book.

Single Neuron Math 1 – 29 Aug 9:30 – 10:30

(chair: Moritz Deger)

Marie Levakova - Signal-enhancing effect of spontaneous activity in latency coding

Massimiliano Tamborrino - Neuronal response latency estimation in presence of a background signal

Invertebrates & Xenopus – 29 Aug 11:00 – 13:00

(chair: Peter Kloppenburg)

Jan Clemens - The organization of adaptation in the auditory receptor neurons of Drosophila

Thomas Nowotny - The early olfactory code in bees

Roman Borisyuk - A computational model for decision making and behaviour selection in Xenopus tadpoles

Brian H Smith - Using natural odor ‘scenes’ to help crack the olfactory code [this abstract is only available online]

Vision – 29 Aug 16:00 – 17:30

(chair: Yifat Prut)

Björn Kampa - Specific excitatory connectivity for feature integration in mouse primary visual cortex

Jens Kremkow - Principles underlying sensory map topography in primary visual cortex

Markus Diesmann - Multi-area model of macaque visual cortex at cellular and synaptic resolution

Single Neuron Math 2 – 30 Aug 09:00 – 10:30

(chair: Petr Lansky)

Laura Sacerdote - Integrate and fire like models with stable distribution for the interspike intervals

Luisa Testa - Ito excursion theory: an application to the firing paradigm in stochastic neuronal models

Lubomir Kostal - Neural coding accuracy and stimulus information in variable frames of reference

Network Structure & Plasticity – 30 Aug 11:00 – 13:00

(chair: Ryota Kobayashi)

Gaia Tasovanis - Structural correlates of olfactory conditioning in the mushroom body calyx of adult flies

Wulfram Gerstner - Synaptic plasticity controlled by surprise

Nestor Parga - The dopamine signal under sensory and temporal uncertainty

Kei Ito - Understanding neuronal circuits and their functions using expression driver systems of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster

Methods – 31 Aug 09:00 – 10:30

(chair: Chris Christodoulou)

Aubin Tchaptchet - Numerical implementation of neural diversity

Michael Stiber - Bringing high performance neural simulation to the desktop with BrainGrid

Taro Tezuka - Neural Decoding by Spike Train Factor Analysis Kernel

Synchrony – 31 Aug 11:00 – 12:30

(chair: Sonja Grün)

Benjamin Lindner - Synchrony coding by neural populations - theory and experiment

Angelo Di Garbo - Nonlinear quantification of inter-hemispheric coupling in neocortical epilepsy in mice

Farzad Farkhooi - Phase transition to stochastic synchrony in the balanced networks

Math Network – 31 Aug 14:00 – 16:30

(chair: Laura Sacerdote)

Ryota Kobayashi - Testing statistical significance of synaptic connectivity

Tilo Schwalger - Stochastic mean-field theory for finite-size populations of spiking neurons

Matthieu Gilson - Correlation coding in noise-diffusion networks: from experimental basis toward a theory of distributed representations

Alessandro Villa - Clique topology and dynamics in neuronal network simulations

Motor – 01 Sep 09:00 – 10:30

(chair: Björn Kampa)

Yifat Prut - Excitation-inhibition interplay controls timing and coordination of motor actions

Alexa Riehle - Variability of motor cortical spiking activity is modulated by the behavioral context

Sonja Grün - Behavioral related synchronous spike patterns in macaque motor cortex during an instructed-delay reach-to-grasp task

Variability – 01 Sep 11:00 – 12:30

(chair: Lubomir Kostal)

Thomas Rost - Variability dynamics in balanced networks with clustered inhibitory and excitatory connectivity

Tomokatsu Onaga - Criticality in the emergence of spontaneous fluctuations
 in spiking neuron networks

Petr Lansky - Variability in neural spike trains

Robotics – 01 Sep 14:00 – 15:30

(chair: Martin Nawrot)

Yuichiro Yada - Goal-directed behavior of a cultured neuron robot through reservoir computing

Nicholas Szczecinski - MantisBot is a robotic model of visually guided motion in the praying mantis

Tim Landgraf - Neural correlates of flying insect navigation: from simulation to electro-physiology on a quadcopter



Presenter Authors Title No. 
Presented  in Session
Alexander Vidybida Alexander Vidybida Fast Cl-type inhibitory neuron with delayed feedback has non-Markov output statistics 2 1
Kseniia Kravchuk / Alexander Vidybida Kseniia Kravchuk First passage time of leaky integrate-and-fire neuron driven by a jump process 4 1
Brian Smith Thiago Mosqueiro, Martin Strube-Bloss, Brian Smith, Ramon Huerta Accelerated information transmission with stable sparse code in strongly divergent-convergent feedforward networks 6 1
Michael von Papen Michael von Papen, Esther Florin, Lars Timmermann, Joachim Saur Nonparametric Granger causality of parkinsonian tremor 8 1
Vezha Boboeva Vezha Boboeva, Alessandro Treves Beyond random correlations to learning structured correlations among concepts of a semantic cortical network 10 1
Silvia Daun-Gruhn N. Rosjat, S. Popovych, L. Liu, B. Wang, T. Tóth, C. Grefkes, G. R. Fink, S. Daun-Gruhn Differences in movement-related, inter-regional phase-locking in young and elderly healthy subjects 12 1
Christina Zavou Christina Zavou, Achilleas Koutsou, Chris Christodoulou Correlating pre-synaptic synchrony with experimentally recorded intracellular membrane potential 14 1
Rosanna Migliore Rosanna Migliore, Xavier Leinekugel, Michele Migliore Effects of electric fields on cognitive functions 16 1
Hubert Löffler Hubert Löffler Subthreshold oscillations facilitate memory of precise temporal spike trains: A computational approach 18 1
Hannes Rapp Hannes Rapp, Martin Nawrot, Moritz Deger Modeling of EEG time-series by conditional probability neural networks 20 1
Masahiro Furukawa Masahiro Furukawa, Shigeru Shinomoto Spectral analysis of local field potential 22 1
Aaradhita Upadhyay Aaradhita Upadhyay, Svenja Schneider, Anna Kaczmarek, Laura Torres Benito, Vanessa Grysko, Min Jeong Kye, Markus Riessland, Natalia Kononenko, Brunhilde Wirth MOD2, potential SMA modifier and much beyond? 24 1
Olha Shchur Alexander Vidybida, Olha Shchur Role of neuronal firing in reduction of dynamical states set inreverberating neuronal network 26 1
Shinsuke Koyama Shinsuke Koyama Approximate methods for the inference of stochastic reaction networks 28 1
Martin Nawrot Rinaldo Betkiewicz, Benjamin Lindner, Martin Nawrot Odor representations in a spiking model of the insect olfactory system are optimized by lateral inhibition and cellular adaptation 30 1
Susanne Hindennach Susanne Hindennach, Debora Fusca, Martin Nawrot, Peter Kloppenburg Dynamical processing of olfactory input in different types of antennal lobe neurons of the american cockroach 1 2
Alessandra Lintas Takeshi Abe, Yoshiyuki Asai, Alessandro E.P. Villa, Alessandra Lintas Neural dynamics in the mouse basal ganglia-thalamocortical circuit 3 2
Irina Sinakevitch Irina Sinakevitch, George R Bjorklund, Jason Newbern, Brian H Smith Comparative study of chemical neuroanatomy of the olfactory neuropil in mouse, honey bee and human 5 2
Tzai-Wen Chiu Tzai-Wen Chiu, I-Chieh Huang, Paul Wai-Fung Poon, John F. Brugge, Hiroyuki Oya, Richard A. Reale, Hiroto Kawasaki, Kirill Nourski, Haiming Chen, Matthew A. Howard III Variations of single-trial sound-evoked responses over the human temporal cortex 7 2
Sidney Lehky Sidney R. Lehky, Ahn Huy Phan, Andrzej Cichocki, Keiji Tanaka Coding of Faces by Tensor Components 9 2
Ondrej Pokora Ondrej Pokora, Jan Kolacek, T. W. Chiu Functional data analysis of the recordings of auditory evoked potentials 11 2
Fioralba Ajazi Tatyana Turova, George M. Napolitano, Fioralba Ajazi Random distance graphs on torus 13 2
Joscha Schmitz Joscha Schmitz, Matthias Gruhn, Ansgar Büschges Adaptive motor control: task-specificity of movement feedback processing during the generation of steps in a curve walking insect 15 2
Petr Marsalek Petr Marsalek Quantitative description of neural computations in the auditory brainstem using the ergodic hypothesis 17 2
Iulia-Alexandra Lungu Iulia-Alexandra Lungu, Alexa Riehle, Martin Nawrot, Michael Schmuker Predicting arm movement direction with spiking neural networks and neuromorphic hardware 19 2
Maria Francesca Carfora Maria Francesca Carfora, Enrica Pirozzi A stochastic model for the firing activity of neurons in a network 21 2
Christina Zavou / Chris Christodoulou Antria Kkoushi, Achilleas Koutsou, Chris Christodoulou Synchrony measure for a neuron driven by excitatory and inhibitory inputs 23 2
Aubin Tchaptchet Hans A. Braun, Aubin Tchaptchet Connecting mathematical modeling with electrophysiological experiments: The virtual laboratories SimNerv and SimNeuron 25 2
Enrica Pirozzi Enrica Pirozzi Towards modeling of stochastic
correlated inputs and adaptation
in neuronal firing
27 2
Abdulraheem Nashef Abdulraheem Nashef, Oren Cohen, Yifat Prut Thalamocortical mechanisms controlling motor timing in behaving primates 29 2