ISARS2018 Topics


Contributions are made available for all ISARS2018 participants - please email for access information.

Developments in Ground-based Remote Sensing of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL)

  • Physical basis for the remote sensing of the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL)

  • New instrument systems and approaches (e.g. operational high-resolution humidity profiling)

  • Evaluation and assessment of ground-based remote sensing systems

  • Multi-instrument retrieval applications

  • Combining ground-based and satellite remote sensing

  • Advances in observational networks using ground-based remote sensing

Boundary-Layer Studies

  • Observation of ABL structure (e.g. thermodynamics, turbulence, clouds, aerosol profiles) in different environments (continental, maritime, coastal, mountain, polar,..)

  • Measurements of key ABL processes (e.g. mixing, surface interaction, low-level-jet,..)

  • Interdisciplinary studies (including atmospheric chemistry and biogeochemistry)

Atmospheric Modelling and Ground-Based ABL Remote Sensing

  • ABL in numerical models (LES, NWP, GCM/SCM, RANS,..)

  • Model assessment (technical and physical) with remote sensing instrumentation (e.g. sampling strategies, representation of diurnal cycle,..)  

  • Ground-based remote sensing observations and parameterization development (e.g. cumulus convection)

  • LES for Optimized Measurement Strategy Design

  • Data Assimilation trials (OSE, OSSE, FSO,..)

Ground-Based Remote Sensing for ABL Applications

  • Short-term forecasting

  • Severe Weather

  • Wind & Solar Energy

  • Air Quality

  • Aviation

  • Climatology

  • Urban Meteorology