Public Event

We would like to invite you to our panel discussion on Food Security.

As a matter of fact more than 820 million people suffer from hunger  (or 1 in 9 people). At the same time around 600 million people are obese (13% or 1 in 8 adults). Reaching food security is a formidable challenge and meeting it is essential.

Join us in discussing cross disciplinary actions needed to tackle food insecurity. Discussion participants will be scientist from various disciplines, stakeholders of non-governmental organizations, policies or societies.

Panel list:  You find more information about the participants soon will follow soon. 

The discussion will be in English language and will take place on Monday, September 13th in the afternoon (details on time and location will follow soon).

The event is free of charge. However, if you would like to participate, prior registration is required. To register for the panel discussion, please use the button up left 'Register as attendee'. Registered conference participants don’t have to register for the discussion.