Public Event

We would like to invite you to our public panel discussion on Food Security. The focus will be on the question whether an increase in food production and/or an improved distribution of food can help safeguarding food security.

Join us in discussing cross disciplinary actions needed to tackle food insecurity. Discussion participants will be scientists from various disciplines, stakeholders of non-governmental organizations, policies or societies.

The discussion will be in English language and will take place on Tuesday, 14th September between
13:00 – 14:30.

The panel discussion is free of charge. Participants of the conference do NOT have to register, since the panel discussion is included in the conference programm.
External participants are highly welcome! Information on how to register and receive your access link will follow soon here. 


  • Svenja Augustin, University of Cologne
  • Thomas Daum, University of Hohenheim

Bill Pritchard, University of Sydney

Sarah M. Schmidt, GIZ Bonn


Dr. Tanja Busse, Moderator, Author and Journalist